Salisbury University students on campus

Access and Accommodations for Graduating Students & Guest

Accommodation for Graduating Students

Graduates needing an accommodation to fully participate in a Salisbury University commencement ceremony are asked to send their requests to by May 1.

Accommodations for Guests

All guests must have a guest ticket for the commencement ceremony. Separate “assisted seating” tickets are not offered or required.

Guests needing assistance have two options.

  • Lower Risers: Guests who can climb two small steps may sit in the first row of seats that surround the arena floor (see a photo of lower riser seating). One additional guest may sit with the disabled guest. Lower riser seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Floor Section: Space on the arena floor for guests in wheelchairs is very limited. Seating is in the floor section is offered on a first-come, first-served basis only. One additional guest may sit with the disabled guest.

Early Admission: Doors open for disabled seating 15 minutes before general admission doors. We allow all family members to enter together. Upon arrival at the Civic Center report to the “Box Office” entrance.

Wheelchair Storage: For those guests who will be using wheelchairs to get from the facility entrance into the arena, a wheelchair storage area is available to "park" the wheelchair until after the ceremony has concluded. Please understand, however, the Civic Center and University cannot be responsible for its safekeeping. Please tag or label your wheelchair with your family's name to avoid confusion.

Parking: The Civic Center offers a small number of disabled parking spaces. Guests may be dropped off curbside, but curbside parking is not permitted.