ELI Programs

The ELI offers high-quality, comprehensive, intensive English language programs. Our experienced instructors teach small classes and encourage students to participate in university clubs, trips, and activities to make friends, have fun, and to use English.

ASPIRE: Academic Study Preparation through Intensive Readiness English

ASPIRE prepares students for enrollment in American university programs of study. Based on English proficiency, ELI students are placed in an appropriate level and enrolled in courses at that level. Upon successful completion of required coursework, ELI graduates are eligible to apply to Salisbury University.

LEAP: Language Experience in America Program

LEAP is a semester-long program designed for students from overseas partnering institutions to experience study abroad on the Salisbury University campus. After placement testing, LEAP students are enrolled full-time in an ELI course of study. LEAP students may extend their study abroad experience at SU in consultation with an ELI Advisor.

Summer English Program:

The 3 and 4 week summer sessions provide a rich learning experience for international students. The program integrates linguistic and cultural experiences in the classroom and in various American settings. Students can anticipate 15 hours of language study/week, campus activities, community and guest lecturers, local and regional excursions, and trips to nearby cities.

Bridge Program

The Bridge Program allows qualified students to take SU credit-bearing courses while enrolled concurrently in ELI courses. International student visa regulations require students to carry a full-time credit load between SU courses and ELI courses. The ELI Advisor and ELI Faculty will determine eligibility for the Bridge Program based on placement and/or TOEFL ITP testing, course grades and performance, ELI GPA, and academic readiness.


Students admitted to the ASPIRE program often apply and are granted conditional admission to Salisbury University at the same time. Upon successful completion of the ELI, students can then immediately begin their full-time studies at SU.

Language Courses for ASPIRE and LEAP

Levels 1 & 2        16 hours/week of reading, writing, speaking/listening & grammar
                           2 hours/week of language lab (support course)

Levels 3 & 4        12 hours/week of reading, writing, speaking/listening & grammar

                          4 hours/week of ELI elective courses  

                          2 hours/week of TOEFL skills

ASPIRE and LEAP students enrolled in Level 4 courses can participate in a Bridge program, which allows for students to take ELI courses AND Salisbury University academic courses at the same time.