Salisbury University Geography Alumni Alliance

Mission Statement

To maintain a relationship between faculty and alumni including those who will become alumni from the Geography & Geosciences Department. Annual visits to the department will ensure funding to the Department and Alliance. Responsible members will not only donate money, and timely visits, but time to the undergraduate majors through the promotion and the education of Geography to current students. An active member will share his or her experience in the field of Geography & Geosciences to current undergraduate majors.


The Salisbury University Geography Alumni Alliance (SUGAA) was founded in August 2009 by Geography Alumni Chris Nallan and Scott Baker. Initially SUGAA began as an Association, but shortly after became an Alliance. The word Alliance presented a more solid representation of the camaraderie between the geography alumni and the department faculty.

From the beginning, SUGAA’s purpose was to keep the connection between the department and the alumni. As SUGAA has grown, its purpose has evolved to maintain the connection amongst alumni through several annual events. In the fall during Homecoming Weekend, SUGAA hosts a BBQ where all faculty, alumni and families are invited to an informal gathering. The spring brings Pork in the Park weekend where alumni can gather together to take advantage of the largest pork BBQ festival east of the Mississippi. In late spring, SUGAA takes a trip to various locations outside of Salisbury.

Lastly, Alumni voluntarily take their time to share and present what they're learned to current geography students at Salisbury University in what has become known as Geography Alumni Presentations (GAP). In SUGAA's short existence, alumni have given presentations on how to look for graduate schools, the ups and downs of being an on-air meteorologist, and the excitement of being the Chief Scientist aboard a ship in the Gulf of Mexico.


  • President: Chris Nallan ('07)
  • Vice President: Scott Baker ('07)
  • Secretary: Emily Watson ('08)
  • Treasurer: Scott Baker ('07)
  • Historian: Eddie Noyes ('07)
  • Historian: Allison Ross ('07)
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