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Civic Reflection Fellowships

Civic Reflection Faculty/Staff Fellowship

The Institute for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement (PACE), in partnership with the Center for Civic Reflection, invites faculty and staff to apply for the Civic Reflection Fellows program.

Civic Reflection Fellows will help explore the relevance of civic reflection dialogues in curricular and co-curricular student experiences.

Through the work of the Civic Reflection Pedagogy Faculty Learning Community, the Center for Civic Reflection has developed a Qualtrics survey consisting of 100+ items related to Intellectual Curiosity, Critical Thinking, Oral Communication, Inclusion and Diversity, Civic and Community Engagement SLOs. The Fellows program serves to facilitate piloting of the survey as part of an effort to explore the impacts of civic reflection discussions on learning and development.

This work will benefit Fellows by offering opportunities to augment teaching, scholarship, and/or service with elements of civic reflection. Fellows will receive training in how to facilitate Civic Reflection discussions, support in developing and embedding Civic Reflection for a variety of potential settings, and support for using the Civic Reflection survey to assess impacts.

This work will benefit the Center for Civic Reflection by offering greater information about the impact of Civic Reflection on student learning and dispositions. Finalizing the survey instrument will facilitate efforts to assess how students think about civic and community engagement.

Identified Fellows will work with the Center for Civic Reflection to develop a particular program embedding and assessing civic reflection discussions. Specific steps will include:

  1. Formal training in planning and hosting civic reflection discussions
  2. Review of the Civic Reflection survey to select relevant items
  3. Host, with help from the Center, civic reflection discussions and collect data via selected survey items
  4. Analyze data and suggest improvements to survey items
  5. Repeat step 3 using revised survey items
  6. Share outcomes in venues including but not limited to the SU Teaching and Learning Conference, other academic or professional conferences, special colloquial, and/or white paper.

Example project topics could include:

  • Building listening and speaking skills in a classroom setting
  • Enabling conversation around potentially difficult topics
  • Planning inclusive activities or setting shared goals in an organization
  • Expanding ideas about community, inclusion, and exclusion
  • Considering the role of knowledge in college and community life

Fellows receive support from PACE in the form of graduate assistant time and effort, the potential to attend professional conferences, and a $1,000 stipend.

To apply, please reply to the following questions and send as a single PDF to Dr. Alexander Pope (

  • How do you see civic reflection informing your teaching, research, and/or service?
  • Which of the focus SLO areas interest you most, and how do you see that connecting to your teaching, scholarship, or service?
  • Is there a specific course or project in which you hope to embed civic reflection discussions?

Civic Reflection Student Fellowship

The Institute for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement (PACE), in partnership with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, seeks applicants for the Civic Reflection Student Fellows program.

Civic Reflection Student Fellows will help to advance conversations continued, in part, by the Inaugural Salisbury Anti-Racism Summit and the President’s 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge. Twice each month, civic reflection dialogues will help members of the campus community explore, share, listen, and learn from one another about topics such as intersecting social identities, privilege, oppression and social justice and the ways these topics permeate experiences at Salisbury University and beyond. Organized thematically, the dialogues invite participants to engage with their colleagues across the breadth of the program or by selecting individual topics that interest them, or times that fit their schedules.

Civic Reflection Student Fellows will support these conversations by collaborating with PACE and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to identify and familiar dialogue themes, recruit participants from across the campus community, facilitate the dialogues using the civic reflection approach, and participate in follow-up and assessment briefings to discuss the experiences. Materials and other logistical support, including customized training in civic reflection, is provided through PACE’s Center for Civic Reflection.

The ideal candidates will demonstrate a commitment to inclusion and an interest in facilitating meaningful dialogues with a diverse group of participants, a willingness to listen to and learn from others, and a desire to advance ideas of diversity and acceptance.

The positions are open to any students currently enrolled at Salisbury University, regardless of major.

Compensation includes, but is not limited to:

  • $500 stipend paid in two installments
  • Training
  • Complimentary copies of relevant texts such as How to be an anti-racist and When race breaks out
  • Funding for other professional development, depending on availability, interest, and suitability

To apply, please submit to a current résumé and a cover letter up to one page long that explains your interest, the need and impact of the program, and describes a possible topic for dialogue that fits with the general program described. The position will begin in late August 2021.

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