Salisbury University students on campus

Jury Information

Students who are enrolled in applied study are required to play a jury at the conclusion of each semester. This performance will be heard by a panel of instructors at the university. Two contrasting (i.e. lyrical vs. technical) movements or selections are advised. Solo etudes are not advised but are acceptable.

Before Your Jury...

In order to be prepared for your jury, make sure you have completed the following tasks before the end of classes.

Sign up for a jury date and time on the Jury Sign-Up Sheet posted on the doors of FH112. Be sure to make a note of when and where your jury will take place, as well as how many adjudicators will be there!

Complete the Jury Cover Form. Download the form below, complete the highlighted sections, print the completed form, and submit it to your applied instructor.

Jury Cover Form

After completing their evaluation portion, your applied teacher may either return the form to you or bring it to the jury if more convenient.

Complete the appropriate Jury Evaluation Form. Download the correct form below, complete the highlighted sections, and print one for each adjudicator. It's also a good idea to look over this form so that you understand how your performance will be evaluated. Hang on to these forms and remember to bring them to your jury!

Make enough photocopies of your music so that each adjudicator will have a copy to look at as you perform.

On the Day of Your Jury...

Before walking in to your jury, make sure you have thought about the following:

  • Dress to impress! Juries are considered a formal performance, so be sure to dress professionally.
  • Arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled jury time.
  • Make sure you are warmed up! Your jury time slot will not include time for a warm-up, so be sure to plan accordingly.
  • Bring your paperwork! You should have:

Jury Cover Form (one copy)
Instrument Evaluation Form (one for each adjudicator)
Sheet Music (one copy for each adjudicator)

Senior Recital Status

Students in the Teacher Certification, Instrumental Performance, and Vocal Performance tracks must also complete a Senior Recital in their last semester of applied study (MUSA 439) before earning their degree. Faculty will use the MUSA 438 jury to determine whether a student is properly prepared to work towards a recital. Therefore, some additional preparation may be needed for a MUSA 438 jury as noted below.

  • Establish a date for your senior recital with your applied instructor, and notify Brooke Church ( prior to your MUSA 438 jury.
  • Be sure that your MUSA 438 jury contains representative repertoire that will be performed as part of your Senior Recital.

In the event that you do not successfully pass your MUSA 438 jury, you will receive an incomplete for MUSA 438 and will either retake the course or be assigned into MUSA 390. The MUSA 438 jury must be repeated during the following semester in front of a faculty panel. Should you and your applied instructor feel that you will not be prepared for a recital in the following semester, you may continue to study in the MUSA 390 level until reaching the required level to continue into MUSA 439. No student may register for MUSA 439 without authorization from a MUSA 438 jury panel.