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Guide to Independent Study


All students wishing to complete an independent study must submit their proposal and the proper forms to the Music Co-Chair during pre-registration in the semester prior to completion.

Term in which Study will be Completed Deadline for Proposal/Form Submission
Fall End of March Pre-Registration
Winter End of October Pre-Registration
Spring End of October Pre-Registration
Summer End of March Pre-Registration


Process for Submitting a Proposal

All students wishing to complete an independent study must follow the steps below in order to enroll:

  1. Come up with a plan! Your plan should discuss the scope of your research/project, resources that will be utilized, and a feasible timetable for completion. (See forms below for more details.)
  2. Print out and complete the proper forms. All relevant forms are provided below, but be sure to use the proper ones for your situation!
  3. Find a faculty mentor. Set-up a meeting with your mentor to discuss your plan and come up with a grading scale that will be used to evaluate the final product. If everything looks good, your mentor may sign your proposal forms right away. However, your mentor may also suggest revisions, in which case you will need to follow-up after making changes.
  4. Once your mentor signs off on your proposal, you may submit it to the Music Co-Chair for approval.
  5. Enroll in the course! When the Co-Chair signs off on your proposal, you will receive a permission number for enrollment in the course. Be sure to enroll in the proper course and to choose the proper number of credits where applicable.