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Course Offering Schedule

Course No. Course Name FA
SP 18 FA 18 SP 19 FA
ELED 419/517 Teaching Music/Reading in Elem. School        
SCED 429/519 Teaching Music/Reading in Sec. School        
MUED 319 Technology in Music Education        
MUMT 200 Music Business and Entrepreneurship        
MUMT 234 Beginning Audio Production
MUMT 300 Ear Training for Recording Engineers            
MUMT 354 Advanced Audio Production
MUMT 355 Topics in Audio Production          
MUMT 356 Live Sound Production            
MUMT 400 Music Acoustics            
MUMT 495 Internship in Music Technology Any semester with mentor approval.
MUMT 496 Music Technology Project Any semester with mentor approval.
MUSA 103 (Section 007) Opera Workshop        
MUSA 104 Musical Theatre Workshop        
MUSA 108 Class Voice I
MUSA 109 Class Voice II        
MUSA 131 Accompanying
MUSA 205 Class Piano I
MUSA 206 Class Piano II
MUSA 209 Classical Guitar I
MUSA 210 Classical Guitar II        
MUSA 213 Singer’s Diction I            
MUSA 214 Singer’s Diction II            
MUSC 112 Creativity and Electronic/Acoustic Music                
MUSC 114 Music Appreciation
MUSC 115 History of the Broadway Musical        
MUSC 201 Introduction to Music Theory
MUSC 202 Introduction to Music Technology
MUSC 203 Theory I        
MUSC 204 Theory II        
MUSC 210 Special Topics in Music                
MUSC 215 Instrumental Techniques - Woodwinds            
MUSC 216 Instrumental Techniques - Percussion            
MUSC 217 Instrumental Techniques - Strings            
MUSC 218 Instrumental Techniques - Brass            
MUSC 220 Intro to Music of the World        
MUSC 221 Blues: Roots of Rock and Roll
MUSC 222 Popular Music After 1945
MUSC 225 Music and Landscape              
MUSC 230 Music for Children        
MUSC 301 Jazz Theory            
MUSC 303 Theory III        
MUSC 304 Theory IV        
MUSC 305 Music History I        
MUSC 306 Music History II        
MUSC 308 Instrumental Techniques and Methods            
MUSC 309 Choral Techniques and Methods            
MUSC 310 Conducting and Score Reading        
MUSC 311 Music Perception I        
MUSC 312 Music Perception II        
MUSC 313 Music Perception III        
MUSC 314 Music Perception IV        
MUSC 315 Topics in Music Theory/Analysis                
MUSC 316 Topics in Music History              
MUSC 318 Wellness in Performance            
MUSC 403 History of the Pianoforte and Its Literature            
MUSC 413 Advanced Conducting            
MUSC 420 History of the Art Song            
MUSC 425 Musical Form and Analysis        
MUSC 426 Arranging for Voices and Instruments            
MUSC 435 Choral Literature Any semester with mentor approval.
MUSC 441 Instrumental Literature Any semester with mentor approval.
MUSC 450 Studies in Music Any semester with mentor approval.
MUSC 490 Directed Independent Study Any semester with mentor approval.
MUSC 497 Undergraduate Research Any semester with mentor approval.
MUSC 498 Senior Project Any semester with mentor approval.