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Students at Salisbury University, whether music major or non-major, continue to benefit from the enjoyment and enrichment of the on-going educational experiences offered through the University's performance ensembles. Click on the Interest Form link for the ensemble you are interested in and send us your information.

Appropriate ensemble placement will be determined in consultation with academic advisor. Transfer students must be enrolled in ensembles every semester while attending SU.

Ensemble Requirements for Music Majors

Large/core ensembles include:
University Chorale (MUSA 100)
Concert Band (MUSA 107)
Symphony Orchestra (MUSA 105)

Other Large ensembles:
Musical Theatre Workshop (MUSA 104)
Jazz Ensemble (MUSA 102)

All music majors are required to take a certain amount of large ensembles regardless of major track. Students in the teacher certification/music education, vocal performance, instrumental performance and music technology tracks must take semesters of either University Chorale (MUSA 100), Concert Band (MUSA 107) or Symphony Orchestra (MUSA 105). The remaining 3-4 large ensembles can include the above three large ensembles or Musical Theatre Workshop (MUSA 104) or Jazz Ensemble (MUSA 102).

In addition, all keyboard majors are required to also take two semesters of accompanying (MUSA 131) and may add these to their large ensemble requirements in all tracks after completing their basic required large/core ensembles.

Small ensembles:

  • MUSA 103 – all sections
  • MUSA 106 – Chamber Choir
  • MUSA 131 – Accompanying (can be counted here as well)

Want to know more about our ensembles? Check out the contact information below or click on the name of the ensemble to fill out our Interest Form and we’ll be in touch:

General Ensemble Information