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Wellness for Musicians

The The Peter and Judy Jackson Music Program at Salisbury University takes pride in educating our students about musician wellness and encouraging an overall awareness of health and well-being. To thrive as successful musicians, our students learn strategies for healthy practicing, injury prevention, and dealing with stress and performance anxiety.

We offer a Wellness in Performance (MUSC 318) course every other year which is required of vocal and instrumental performance majors yet open to any music student. This course is team-taught by Dr. Linda Cockey (Professor of Music) and Mr. Pat Lamboni (Instructor of Athletic Training) and covers a variety of topics, including effective practice strategies, injury prevention, relaxation techniques, and the mind/body connection.

Musician wellness is also emphasized by our applied faculty in one-on-one lessons, and many additional resources are available through the Music Student, Staff, and Faculty Handbook and the links below.

Test Your Hearing

Take this free online hearing test. Did you know that the Music Program offers free earplugs to all music students? See Prof. Clark in Conway Hall 305 to claim yours!

Resources for Musician Wellness

For more information about musician wellness at Salisbury University, please contact Dr. Linda Cockey.