Salisbury University students on campus

Media Literacy Institute (MLI)

The mission of the Salisbury University Media Literacy Institute is to help students, faculty, staff and members of the community gain a better understanding of contemporary mass media and its influence on society, including journalism, film, music, gaming, social media, advertising and public relations. Our purpose is to provide opportunities for education, understanding and practice in the four competencies that comprise media literacy:

  • Accessing media
  • Analyzing media sources
  • Evaluating information obtained from media
  • Creating and disseminating media

The Media Literacy Institute encourages engagement among Salisbury University and its surrounding communities and media practitioners with the goal of gaining better understanding and developing critical thinking skills through:

  • Workshops and training
  • Moderated discussions and town hall forums
  • Support for media literacy training in classrooms and community settings
  • Support for research and professional development in media literacy