MLI Themes

The Media Literacy Institute plans to provide intensive programming, beginning fall 2019. Each semester will include workshops on a wide range of topics, all with a common theme. The four key concepts we will address include:

  • Identity: The self, culture, and society (Fall 2019)
  • Power: Media effects and agency (Spring 2020)
  • Culture: Shared meaning making practices (Fall 2020)
  • Engagement: Interaction with media (Spring 2021)

Through these programming themes, MLI seeks to engage with diverse communities of media users, with the particular goal of enhancing awareness of the interpretive and meaning-making practices involved in reading the news, watching television, participating in social media, and engaging in other media practices. We will work with our team members across the Salisbury University campus and organizational partners in communities on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to offer topics appealing to a variety of audiences and disciplines.