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Honors Housing

The Clarke Honors College offers several options for incoming freshmen who wish to participate in an Honors Living Learning Community (LLC). These communities offer students a special opportunity to live and study together throughout their freshman year. Students in the Honors LLCs are mentored by Resident Assistants (RAs) in Manokin and Pocomoke residence halls who are fellow members of the Clarke Honors College.

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Find Your Home at Salisbury University

SU's Living Learning Communities offer a great way to meet people and explore your areas of interest.

Students in the Honors LLCs are mentored by a Resident Assistant (RA) in the Sea Gull Square residence hall, who a is fellow member of the Clarke Honors College.

Joining a Community of Like-Minded Peers

Despite their varying academic strengths and extracurricular interests, Honors students share a commitment to academic excellence and a desire to help each other become better students and citizens.

In the fall semester, freshman students enroll in the Honors Freshman Seminar (HONR 111) and sophomore students enroll in the Leadership Studies course. These classes, limited to 20 students each, are taught by some of the best professors on the SU campus and themed around topics of interest to students.

In addition to interesting and engaging classwork, students in the Honors LLCs also participate in exciting extracurricular activities. In the past, they have traveled to Washington, D.C., and New York City, as well as locations on the Eastern Shore.

Benefits of the Honors LLCs

  • Early move-in
  • Special honors orientation program
  • Outside activities throughout the year
  • Quiet living conditions
  • Honors student Resident Assistants

Freshman Honors LLC Themes for Fall 2023:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • The Writings on the Skin: Tattoos and the Art of Expression
  • Science of the Body and Mind
  • Technology for Today and Tomorrow
  • Identity and Belonging

What students say about the Honors LLCs

"Living in the Honors LLC has been an amazing experience, I was placed in a residence hall with like-minded people who were just as motivated as me. I found that the Honors LLC had such a positive impact on me, that I returned to Manokin Hall (one of the honors Residence Halls for the LLCs) as a Resident Assistant. Having an RA that is also in the Honors College allows freshman to have additional resources to confide in on Honors academics and college life" - Kacie Cassar

"Joining the Honors LLC was the best thing I could have done for myself my freshman year! I loved living with students who had the same goals as me, and who pushed me to do my very best in my classes. And as a Resident Assistant (RA) of the Freshman Honors LLC this year, I get to challenge the honors freshmen to work hard in their honors classes and encourage them to stick with Salisbury's awesome Honors College" - Emma Tarnosky

“I chose the LLC since I knew that as an out of state student last year, that was the best way for me to jump start my involvement in the community and to make lasting relationships throughout my college and post-college years. Because I was part of the LLC and went through Honors 111, I feel more prepared to read and write effectively in all of my classes. Being an RA in Manokin is a wonderful opportunity to engage with other honors students to inspire them to do more in the SU community and to be a support system when they may feel overwhelmed with college. Since all of the RAs in Manokin are part of the Honors College, we have first-hand knowledge on what to expect and how to maneuver through extracurricular activities on campus, like study abroad, research and much more” - Jeremie "Jamie" Barbosa

"I chose to live in the Sophomore Honors LLC because I was attracted to the continued companionship, intellectualism and fun being surrounded by fellow honors students offered. Through the Leadership Studies course and late-night apartment debates on everything from artificial intelligence to cats, I learned just as much as I did in any formal class that I took that year" - Ben Lenox