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Philip E. & Carole R. Ratcliffe Foundation Shore Hatchery 11th Round

The Shore Hatchery Competition is an annual event to reward individuals for their entrepreneurial efforts in the creation and growth of businesses with the potential of positively impacting regional employment. Read more below.

Fall 2018 Ratcliffe Shore Hatchery Competition

Alyssa Dittmar and Aaron Hsu, the two lead members of the Baltimore company ClearMask, were the top winners of the 11th round of Salisbury University’s Philip E. and Carole R. Ratcliffe Foundation Shore Hatchery entrepreneurship competition, taking home $30,000.

ClearMask has developed a full-face transparent surgical mask designed for “making healthcare more human for patients” and reducing miscommunication, a large factor in medical errors.

Shore Hatchery 2018

Baltimore company ClearMask was the top winner of the 11th round of SU’s Ratcliffe Foundation Shore Hatchery entrepreneurship competition, taking home $30,000 of the $92,000 awarded.

Shore Hatchery 2018 Photo Gallery

The fall 2018 Ratcliffe Shore Hatchery competition drew 13 entrants throughout the mid-Atlantic and awarded $92,000 in prize money. Other winners included:

  • Femly - $27,000: a monthly delivery service of customized feminine care products in Upper Marlboro, MD.
  • Plum Dragon Herbs, Inc. – $25,000: high quality, herbal, health products including natural, topical analgesics, from Chester, MD.
  • AlgenAir - $10,000: a biotech company with algal installations, such as a desktop machine that will scrub carbon dioxide from a room and produce oxygen, while growing nutritional algal, from Baltimore City.

The four winning businesses were women-owned, and two were minority-owned. These entrepreneurs joined 49 winners from the first five years of the program who created 226 jobs, with an estimated revenue of $16 million, as of 2018.

In addition to funding, winners and participants also receive mentoring support from the program’s board.

Ratcliffe Foundation Shore Hatchery

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