Competition Winners

  • Fall 2019 - Round 13
    • James Massaquoi
      360VR Technology – $50,000
      3-D model view of buildings and surrounding spaces using drone/satellite technology
    • Hafeezah Muhammad
      Linnel Luxury Child Care – $15,000
      All-inclusive childcare center providing additional at-home and after-hours services
    • Melanie Kerber
      Minds in Motion Children’s Museum – $15,000
      engaging and interactive museum in Downtown Salisbury
    • Seth Ainsworth
      Overwatch Golf – $15,000
      Enhanced drone aerial view service providing golfers insight to target lines, yardage markers, green mapping and commentary
  • Spring 2019 - Round 12
    • Dawn Musil and Nick Zajciw
      HiveLend – $35,000
      Pollination platform to connect farmers and beekeepers
    • Thomas Marnane, Monica Beeman, Zachary Marnane, Emma Mullineaux, Eric Peterson, and Charlie Taylor, Sr.
      MADTECH, LLC – $30,000
      Agriculture and environmental drone service that assists farmers
    • James Dolgin
      DiPole Materials – $15,000
      Electrospinning company that specializes in nanofiber manufacturing
    • Nat Ware
      Asterisk (Forte) – $10,000
      Training platform providing free financial education and vocational training to disadvantaged individuals in the Mid-Atlantic
    • PJ Bellomo, David Barr, and Terry Collins \
      Blue Sources - $10,000+
      Water treatment technology that uses live fish to detect toxic levels in water sources
    • Lawton Myrick
      Atlantic Vermiculture, LLC – $5,000
      Worm grower producing high-quality earthworm castings for fertilizer and fishing bait