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Perdue School Committees and Policy on School Service Contributions

Participating faculty are expected to make service contributions to their department and to the school in support of our mission. Service, along with teaching and professional development, is one of three areas of faculty responsibility evaluated annually and as part of the tenure, promotion, and post-tenure review processes. As such, no additional compensation will be approved for faculty engaged in normal service contributions.

Service can involve membership in a standing school committee, on a standing advisory council, or through ad hoc contributions as needed. This policy relates primarily to committee service within the Franklin P. Perdue School of Business.

The Management Council

The Management Council will consist of those persons responsible for directing and administering the various school programs and initiatives. Membership will consist of the Dean (chair of the committee), Associate Dean, Department Chairs, Outreach Directors, and the chairs of all standing committees. The Management Council will meet twice each year to review the strategic plan and the progress toward achieving the strategic objectives. If warranted, additional meetings may be called by the Dean.

Standing Committees in the Perdue School of Business

Policies & Procedures Relating to all Standing Committees