Salisbury University students on campus

Personal Safety & Crime Prevention Tips

Basic Personal Safety

These tips, compiled by the University Police, apply wherever one resides.  The precautions may lessen the likelihood of becoming a victim.  Increasing awareness of crime prevention techniques may decrease the opportunity for a person to commit a criminal offense.

  • You are your own best protection.
  • Keep your door locked at all times.  Don’t unlock the door for strangers. Keep first-floor windows locked.
  • Walk in well-lit areas and stay near the curb, away from alleys, entry ways and bushes where someone could be hiding.
  • Do not walk or jog alone after dark.
  • Avoid short cuts.  Walk where there are other people present.
  • Do not hitchhike or accept rides from strangers.  If a driver asks you for directions, stay far enough away so that you cannot be pulled into the car.  Do not pick up strangers.
  • If you are being followed when walking, change directions, vary speed.  Go to a well-lit area where there are other people.  If followed by someone in a car, turn and walk in the other direction.  Record the license number.
  • Park your car in a well-lit area and lock the doors.
  • If you need an escort to or from your car, call the University Police, 410-543-6222.
  • Report any suspicious activity or crimes to the University Police, located in the East Campus Complex, 410-543-6222.

Crime Prevention

Pedestrian & Bicycle Traffic Safety

The streets, parking lots and sidewalks on and around the Salisbury University campus are frequently busy with motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic.  Bicyclists and skateboarders traveling on campus sidewalks, and employees operating golf or utility carts, must be keenly attentive to their surroundings.  Pedestrians must recognize that these potential hazards exist at all sidewalk intersections.  It is the responsibility of both the pedestrian and the individual operating the special vehicle to give full time and attention to his or her surroundings and to exercise due diligence to avoid a collision.  Talking on a cell phone, texting and wearing headphones are all potential distractors which can contribute to an accident.

In recent years, many of the area crosswalks have been enhanced with pedestrian activated lights to warn motorists that a pedestrian is attempting to cross the road.  Pedestrians wishing to cross a roadway at this type of crosswalk should push the activation button before attempting to cross.  Once activated, the lights flash for 20 seconds.  Before entering the crosswalk, pedestrians should make sure that all vehicles have come to a complete stop.

Where a sidewalk is provided, a pedestrian may not walk along and on an adjacent roadway.  Where a sidewalk is not provided, a pedestrian may only walk on the left side of the roadway as near as practicable to the edge of the roadway, facing approaching traffic.

Regardless of who has the right-of-way, pedestrians, bicyclist and motorists are responsible for using reasonable care and diligence to avoid injuring anyone who, although carelessly, may be in the other's right-of-way.

Important Contacts

Salisbury City Police: 410-548-3165
Wicomico County Sheriff: 410-548-4891
Fruitland Police: 410-548-2803
Maryland State Police (Salisbury): 410-749-3101