Salisbury University students on campus

Campus Security Escort Service

The Salisbury University Police Department is committed to protecting the safety and security of the entire campus community. Therefore, a campus security escort service, utilizing a combination of police officers, security guards, student patrol, and student volunteers, is available to all students, faculty, and staff members who feel uncomfortable walking during the hours of darkness.

Security escort services are provided to individuals who are walking either on campus or between campus and nearby off-campus locations during the hours of darkness, typically dusk to dawn.  Off-campus locations supported by security escort services are those listed below as well as locations between main campus and these destinations:  

  • University Park
  • University Village
  • Cedar Crossing
  • The Seasons
  • Varsity Lane Townhouses
  • Seagull Village
  • University Townhouses 
  • Cynthia Place
  • University Orchard
  • The Gathering

If you wish to request the escort service, please call (410)543-6222.  When a request for a security escort is received, you will be asked to provide your name, contact number, location and intended destination.  Police personnel will verify, through GullNet, your identity as a student, faculty or staff member of the university.  University Police reserves the right to deny escort service when a request is made for which the campus security escort service is not intended or if the location falls outside a reasonable perimeter of campus as listed above.  (See below for examples of requests that are deemed inappropriate.)  If the request is appropriate, University Police will determine whether to provide you with a walking escort or transport via a motor vehicle.

In the event that a police officer is the only option for an escort, calls for police service must take precedence over the escort.  For example, a report of any crime, accident or alarm will supersede a call for a police escort.  If an officer or escort gets delayed, you will be notified via phone call and an estimated time of arrival will be provided.

As a student, faculty, or staff member of this campus, your safety is of paramount importance to us.  If you, at any time, are concerned about your safety, do not hesitate to call University Police at (410) 543-6222.  We do ask, however, that you restrict your requests for the campus security escort service to those that are appropriate so we can best serve the overall safety needs of our campus.