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Three SU Faculty Earn 2006 Henry C. Welcome Fellowships

SALISBURY, MD---Three new Salisbury University faculty recently received 2006 Henry C. Welcome fellowships from the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC), valued at $20,000 each over three years.

Recipients are Dr. Troy Banks, assistant professor in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department; Kwaku Nuamah, assistant professor in the Sociology Department; and Dr. Maria Luz Valdez, assistant professor in the Modern Languages Department.

Earning his Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the University of Texas at Dallas, Banks has conducted research in analysis and matrix theory, as well as applications to signal processing. SU is his first post-doctoral teaching position. “I was searching all over the country, and I had a few interviews, but the department [at SU] won me over,” he said. He plans to use his fellowship to further his research, involving students in some aspects, and present his findings at national conferences.

Nuamah is expected to receive his Ph.D. in conflict resolution from The Johns Hopkins University, where he also taught. Prior to that, he earned a one-year teaching fellowship at Brown University. He chose SU due to his interest in its Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution Program: “It was a perfect fit for my training and career goals.” He plans to use his fellowship to develop new upper-level conflict resolution courses in negotiation, mediation and the dynamics of conflict. He also hopes to use part of the funding to continue his research into the leverage of third-party negotiation, involving students in some aspects, and ultimately publish a book on the issue.

Valdez comes to SU from Southern Oregon University, where she taught two years before relocating to Maryland. “I wanted a community where I could have a good intellectual exchange, and there is a good balance here,” she said. With a strong interest in teaching, she earned her Ph.D. in Spanish linguistics from the University of Pittsburgh. She plans to use her fellowship to further her studies in language contact, specifically the influence of the indigenous language Quechua on traditional Spanish. She also hopes to develop new courses in language contact and involve students in some aspects of language contact studies.

"Salisbury University has been extremely successful in recent years in hiring faculty of diversity who have been awarded the Welcome Fellowship, which provides a wonderful financial enhancement for the success of these faculty in their new careers at SU,” said Interim Provost Tom Jones. “I extend my congratulation to Drs. Banks, Nuamah, and Valdez and I look forward to watching their progress in their careers educating our students."

Other SU Welcome Fellowship winners are Dr. Samuel Geleta of the Biological Sciences Department (1999), Dr. Anjali Pandey of the English Department (2001), Dr. Xiaohong Wang of the Mathematics and Computer Sciences Department (2002), Dr. Darrell Newton of the Communication and Theatre Arts Department (2003), Dr. Jing Quan of the Information and Decision Sciences Department (2003), Edward Brown of the Art Department (2004), Dr. Divya Devadoss of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department (2004) and Dr. Althea Pennerman of the Education Department (2005).

Presented by MHEC, this competitive incentive program helps eligible Maryland universities recruit and retain diverse and accomplished faculties.

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