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Seven From Perdue School Attend Academy of Management Meeting

SALISBURY, MD---Seven faculty members from Salisbury University’s Franklin P. Perdue School of Business presented papers, chaired sessions, and served as discussants during the recent Academy of Management’s annual meeting.

SU faculty presenting included Interim Dean Richard Hoffman, Drs. James Oldson, Frank Shipper, Marc Street and Vera Street of the Management and Marketing Department, and Drs. Eugene Hahn and Karen Papke-Shields of the Information and Decision Sciences Department.

“This is a record for the Perdue School at such an international venue and certainly far exceeds the number for a university our size at this conference,” said Hoffman, noting the selectivity of program presenters. Hoffman and Shipper presented the paper “Interactions Among Cultural Values, Managerial Skills, Employees’ Attitudes and Effectiveness.” Their study found that cultural values tend to have a greater effect when a manager is less skilled. When managers are highly skilled, the interaction effects of culture tend to disappear, according to their research.

With faculty from the University of South Carolina and Clemson University, Papke-Shields presented “Evolution in the Strategic Manufacturing Planning Process of Organizations.” According to their research, an evaluation of more than 200 U.S. manufacturers showed that planning strategies in the manufacturing function evolve over time as those involved gain more experience. The changes were toward a balance of rational and adaptive planning, which led to better outcomes and business performance. Her paper was recognized as the second best article published in the Journal of Operations Management in 2006.

With faculty from Florida State University and the University of Florida, Drs. Marc and Vera Street presented “The Influence of Organizational Capacity and Environmental Dynamism on First Moves.” Their study showed how technology and knowledge integration enable the success of first moves in the corporate world and how first moves may create value for firms by leading to increased performance.

With faculty from Rutgers University, Hahn presented “Supply Chain Integration and New Production Introduction: A Clockspeed Perspective.” Their research, pitting supply chains against clockspeed, found that it may be difficult for businesses to focus on both and still maintain higher levels of new product development. Many corporations get the most for their production time by focusing on one or the other.

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