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SU Faculty Earn Promotions

SALISBURY, MD---Salisbury University President Janet Dudley-Eshbach and Provost David Buchanan recently announced the following faculty promotions for the fall 2004 semester:


  • Dr. Mark Holland, Biological Sciences Department

  • Dr. Brent Skeeter, Geography and Geosciences Department

Associate Professor

  • Dr. Wayne Ackerson, History Department

  • Dr. Grady Armstrong, Health, Physical Education and Human Performance Department

  • Dr. Ann Barse, Biological Sciences Department

  • Dr. Harel Barzilai, Mathematics and Computer Science Department

  • Dr. Susan Battistoni, Nursing Department

  • Dr. Anita Brown, Chemistry Department

  • Dr. Jill Caviglia-Harris, Economics and Finance Department

  • Dr. Tim Dunn, Sociology Department

  • Dr. Robert Joyner, Respiratory Therapy Department

  • Dr. Dean Kotlowski, History Department

  • Dr. Deborah Mathews, Social Work Department

  • Dr. E. Patrick McDermott – Legal Studies and Management Department

  • Dr. Miguel Mitchell, Chemistry Department

  • Dr. Anjali Pandey, English Department

  • Dr. Leonard Robinson, Political Science Department

  • Regina Royer, Education Department

  • Dr. Donald Spickler, Mathematics and Computer Science Department

  • Dr. Brian Stiegler, Modern Languages Department

  • Dr. Thomas Stitcher, Health, Physical Education and Human Performance Department

  • Dr. E. Eugene Williams, Biological Sciences Department

Assistant Professor

  • Paul Scovell, Communication and Theatre Arts

“These talented and dedicated teacher/scholars bring a strong commitment to students and our academic enterprise,” Buchanan said. “They continue and reinforce the SU central mission of providing a student-centered learning environment.”

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