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SU Announces Over $23,000 in Faculty Mini-Grants

SALISBURY, MD---The University Research Council (URC) at Salisbury University recently awarded more than $23,000 during its inaugural faculty mini-grant competition.

The program encourages SU faculty to develop research, scholarly or creative programs that provide potential for sustained professional development and extramural support. Recipients earn up to $2,500.

The following faculty members received grants for their studies, fully funded at the requested amount:

• Dr. Vinita Agarwal, Communication Arts Department, “Does Community Media Belong to the Community?: Case Study of Women’s Practices from an Urban Resettlement Neighborhood in India,” $2,395;
• Dr. Sarah Case, History Department, “Teaching New South Womanhood: Education, Race, and Religion in the Modernizing South,” $2,400;
• Dr. Patti Erickson, Biology Department, “Arabidopsis Responses and Mutants Resistant to Nordihydroguaiarectic (NDGA),” $2,084
• Dr. Stephen Habay, Chemistry Department, “A Method for the Chemical Synthesis of Octahydroindoles (OHIs),” $2,500;
• Dr. Batya Hyman, Social Work Department, “Social Work Student Awareness, Knowledge and Skills of Cultural Sensitivity and Competence,” $1,700;
• Dr. Karl Maier, Psychology Department, “Health & Behavior Study Follow-Up,” $2,500;
• Dr. Scott Mazzetti, Health and Sport Science Department, “Comparison of 11 Weeks of Resistance Training with Recreational versus Maximal Concentric Muscle Actions on Exercise Expenditure and Body Composition,” $2,400;
• Dr. E. Patrick McDermott, Management and Marketing Department, “Employee and Employer Perceptions of the Chinese Labor Contract Arbitration Committee: Case Study of the Unionization of Walmart in China,” $2,500;
• Dr. Victor Miriel, Biology Department, “Vascular Dysfunction in Animal Models of Muscular Dystrophy,” $2,500; and
• Dr. Eugene Williams, Biology Department, “Long-Term Thermal History and the Plasticity of the Response to Temperature Change in Icelandic Arctic Charr,” $2,304.

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