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Morrison Discusses Jane Austen in Next 'Adventures in Ideas' Seminar March 6

SALISBURY, MD---Dr. Lucy Morrison of Salisbury University’s English Department and Bellavance Honors Program invites community members to enter “The World and Works of Jane Austen” on Saturday, March 6.

Morrison’s entertaining presentation, the next installment of SU’s Adventures in Ideas humanities series, is 10 a.m.-3 p.m. in Teacher Education and Technology Center Room 179.

Austen fans have the opportunity to discuss such British literary questions as whether Austen condemns, pities or liberates Willoughby from the harsh marriage market of her fictional universe in Sense and Sensibility. They may analyze how and why Anne Elliot waited for Captain Wentworth in Persuasion—and whether or not he was worth it, as well as as the ways in which Austen satirizes the art of fiction-making in her own fiction of Northanger Abbey.

Through it all, Morrison unravels the laws of inheritance and explains the tradition of the calling card, among other social rituals. The discussion also may include popular screen portrayals of Austen’s books and a brief hands-on introduction of traditional English dancing.

While studying Austen’s works in the classroom, Morrison has been known teach her students how to cook from 19th century recipes. She also teaches them popular dances from the era. Morrison believes learning the social norms and customs of the era allows students to go beyond the books to better understand the material.

Admission to is $30, including lunch, snacks and coffee. To register call 410-543-6042 or visit the SU Alumni Web site at