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Rommel Center Unveils Innovate Walls Competition Winning Murals
Artist Nicholas Tindall painting his first place work 'Polynation (To Be or Not to Be)'.

Rommel Center Unveils Innovate Walls Competition Winning Murals

SALISBURY, MD---Salisbury University’s Dave and Patsy Rommel Center for Entrepreneurship at SU Downtown recently unveiled the completed works of the Innovate Walls Mural competition.

“Polynation (To Be or Not to Be)” by Nicholas Tindall earned first place and is featured on the center’s largest mural wall. His concept relates to the theme of innovation by showcasing the basic building blocks of math and geometry from which many of inventions and innovations originate; harnessing the idea that all invention ultimately originates from Gaia, the Earth, and Mother Nature. 

'Clear Vision' by HoulihanThe competition’s second-place prize went to “Clear Vision” by Corey Houlihan. Her mural, featured on the second wall, is relevant to innovation through a presentation of sunglass lenses with the universe’s reflection representing an innovator’s ability to envision something amidst the chaos of life’s day-to-day mundane static; to see clearly through the ordinary and imagine the possibility of extraordinary beyond the scope of the average mind. 

“We are excited to open our doors and share these exceptional works of art with the public,” said Bryan Bourdeau, assistant director of the center. “The competition has been an incredible journey, and we are proud to showcase the diverse perspectives and innovative approaches of our local artists.”

The collaborative initiative, in partnership with SU Art Galleries and the City of Salisbury Arts, Business and Culture Department, aimed to transform two of the center's walls into dynamic canvases that exemplify the fusion of art and innovation.

The center welcomes public viewings of the murals noon-2 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For more information contact Bourdeau or visit the Rommel Center website.

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