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Film at Fulton Series Returns to SU This Fall

Film at Fulton Series Returns to SU This Fall

SALISBURY, MD---Salisbury University’s Charles R. and Martha N. Fulton School of Liberal Arts hosts this fall’s “Film at Fulton” series 7 p.m., unless otherwise noted, select Wednesdays in the Herman van Apeldoorn Film Center, Fulton Hall Room 111.

A panel discussion with experts and enthusiasts follows each screening. Films include:

  • September 6 – After Life: If you could choose only one memory to hold on to for eternity, what would it be? That’s the question at the heart of this bittersweet fantasia in which the recently deceased find themselves in a limbo realm where they must select a single cherished moment from their life to be recreated on film for them to take into the next world. A special guest introduction is offered by Dr. Melissa Croteau, author of Transcendence and Spirituality in Japanese Cinema.
  • October 4 - Joint Security Area: Gunfire breaks out in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, leaving two North Korean soldiers dead while a wounded South Korean soldier flees to safety. With the tenuous peace between the two warring nations on a knife’s edge, a neutral team of investigators is dispatched to question both sides to determine what really happened under cover of darkness out in no-man’s land.
  • October 18, 6 p.m. – “Swamp Creatures and Friends”: Enjoy an eye-popping, playful and inspirational program of short films headlined by David Gladden, SU associate professor of art. This program centers on Gladden’s most recent cinematic concoction, Swamp Creatures, a tragi-comic political stop motion animation in which the kitchen becomes the stage for insurrection as the magnets on the refrigerator come to life and battle for the very soul of America. Gladden’s art exhibit, "Night Blooms," is featured in the University Gallery from September 18-Novemember 10, with an artist talk and reception 5:30 p.m.  September 21, in Fulton Hall Room 111. His Fulton Faculty Colloquium talk is 3:30 p.m. on November 7, in Conway Hall Room 152. 
  • November 1 - The Long Walk: In rural Laos, in a not-very-distant future, a grizzled elder makes his regular trek into a village looking to sell the discarded technology he finds in his foraging. His companion: the ghost of a young woman whose death he witnessed. The spectral follower allows the old man stunning insights into his past in what director Mattie Do calls her, “quiet, supernatural science-fiction, time traveling, serial killer, Asian arthouse film.”

Admission is free and the public is invited. Those planning to park on campus must register in advance for a free parking pass

For more information call 410-543-6229.

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