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SU Announces New Asian Studies Minor

SU Announces New Asian Studies Minor

SALISBURY, MD---As many professions take on an international component, with Asian countries representing one of the fastest growing economic sectors, knowledge and study of the area is vital.

Salisbury University is helping its students obtain that knowledge with a new Asian studies minor in the Charles R. and Martha N. Fulton School of Liberal Arts.

“Asia, home to 60% of the world’s population, is a diverse continent with a range of fascinating cultures,” said Dr. Joerg Tuske, professor of philosophy and co-coordinator of the minor, with Dr. Michael McCarty, associate professor of history. “Studying these cultures is interesting by itself, but given the developments of the political and economic relationships between Asia and the U.S., some acquaintance with these cultures will be indispensable for most future graduates.”

The new minor combines former east Asian and south Asian studies minors, and offers a variety of courses focused on the region as a whole, and individual courses specific to the language, politics and culture China, Japan, India and many other countries in the region.

While the minor will not require language courses or study abroad, as the previous minors had, they will be encouraged. For the same cost as a semester in Salisbury, students can spend a semester in Tokyo, Japan; Gwangju, South Korea; or India. Courses are taught in English at all sites but students can also add language courses.

Tuske and McCarty are developing a new interdisciplinary first-year seminar with an Asian focus, which also will not be requirement for the minor, but should provide a strong introduction to the culture and primer for students to explore the minor.

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