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Meg Miller and Lainey Wilson
SU Fulton School Alumna Meg Miller (left) with CMA Award Winner Lainey Wilson.

SU Alumna Miller Named Among Nashville's '30 Under 30'

SALISBURY, MD---Salisbury University alumna Meg Miller’s advice to new SU students is to “take every random opportunity you can and learn from it; be a sponge.”

That’s how Miller approached her time at SU, taking on leadership roles in her classes and on-campus jobs. It led to a career in the music business as tour manager for Lainey Wilson, two-time Country Music Association Award winner. For her early success in the career, Miller was recently named one of the “30 under 30” young professionals in country music by The Nashville Briefing.

As the tour manager for Wilson, Miller deals with many of the logistics of the tour.

“The best way to describe the role is to look at what happens at a concert,” she said. “The crew, instruments, gear and artist all have to arrive somehow. A tour manager coordinates everything to do with a show, travel, money and everything in between.”

A 2019 SU graduate, with a B.S. in communication on the media production track and an anthropology minor, she always was looking for new opportunities. While she landed in a communication field, it’s her anthropology minor that helped develop her inquisitive and problem-solving way of thinking that has made her successful in her current role.

“Dr. Elizabeth Ragan truly pushed me academically to always improve and search for answers,” she said. “Anthropology courses were always my favorite. The courses were tough, but gave me the skills to observe and learn and always ask mindful questions. I truly think I use these skills every day.”

Her time at SU began with a plan to pursue a career in film editing, before working with the Sea Gull Sports Network – SU’s broadcast team disseminating varsity athletic events – when she thought directing live broadcasts would be her path.

However, it was a summer job she landed in part due to this on-campus work experience, that helped her find her passion. After spending a season working at Merriweather Post Pavilion, she knew she had found her passion.

“I worked a few different on campus jobs while at SU, which forced me to multitask and utilize my time effectively,” said Miller. “In media production, we were given semester-long deadlines and freedom to work at our own pace, which is how I work best, and organize production schedules. My entire job now is organizing and communicating, so it was great practice.”

Miller credits communication faculty Mike Camillo and Dr. Andrew Sharma for their guidance during her time at SU.

“Mike Camillo was my first professor in a media production course and answered every dumb question I could have thought of,” she said. “As I grew in the program he continued to be a cheerleader for me and my classmates whenever we needed one.

“Dr. Sharma is one of the realest and coolest professors I had at SU, and studying abroad in India for his course was one of the most educational experiences I’ve ever had.”

Miller is currently on tour with Wilson, leading her first headlining tour – the “Country with Flair” tour.

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