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SU Class Sessions at the MakerLab

The SU Libraries MakerLab hosts many SU classes every semester to introduce the students to our space, teach them about the various technology we offer, and help make sure they have a solid foundation to begin working on their projects.

If you are an SU faculty member that would like to bring their class to the MakerLab, please reach out to us. We will be happy to arrange a session for your class designed around the needs of your students and their projects.

Class visits are typically conducted in one of the following formats:

  • A short introduction to the MakerLab and the technologies we offer. This session is usually for courses that would like to make sure the students are aware of the technologies available to them for their projects, but are not requiring the use of any MakerLab technology. (Typical Duration: 10-20 minutes)
  • A lecture on one or more of the technologies we offer. These sessions can be held in the MakerLab itself for classes with up to 20 student. For larger class sizes, it is best to meet in either your regular classroom or a classroom in the GAC. Because of the limited amount of hardware available, we are usually unable to provide much hands-on time with the technology. However, we will be able to show students the technology in action and allow them to see the results of what it can produce. (Typical Duration: 50-90 minutes)
  • For classes looking for a hands-on activity, we offer a session on 3D printing and 3D modeling. We introduce students to the concept of 3D printing and the results it can produce, and then build a 3D object together using free, web-based 3D modeling tools. Depending on the amount of time available, we might then turn the students loose to build objects of their own design while having MakerLab staff present to answer questions. (Typical Duration: 90 minutes - 3 hours)

If none of the above sessions fit what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us and let us know what you need. We regularly design custom activities for individual classes based on their needs.

Requesting a Session

To request an instruction session or group visit, please send an email to To streamline the process, please be sure to provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Course name and number
  • Number of students in the class
  • Date and time of the session, with multiple options if possible
  • Type of activity desired
  • The learning objectives for the session

We request that you provide at least 2 weeks notice when requesting a class session.

Payment for 3D Printing Assignments

If you would like your students to print as part of a class assignment, there are multiple options available for paying for the prints. Print cost is widely variable depending on the size of the object and the 3D printing technology used, but the cost is usually between $5 and $10 per print.

  • The students can pay for the prints themselves, similar to how you might ask them to purchase supplies for an assignment or presentation.
  • You can arrange to have your department pay for the prints. If you would like to arrange this, please complete this preauthorization form and submit by email to
  • Your department can also pay for prints individually or in bulk with a work order. You or your students should bring a completed work order to the MakerLab when picking up the print(s). Work order forms can be obtained from your department's administrative assistant. Please contact us if you would like more information about this option.