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SU Libraries Diversity & Inclusion Plan

The staff of the Salisbury University Libraries welcomes, supports, and appreciates all SU students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We recognize and celebrate the differences in background, abilities, experiences, characteristics, identity, and thought that make each person unique and that enrich our campus, community, and nation. At the same time, we acknowledge that which unites us: our basic humanity and the search for knowledge that is central to Salisbury University’s mission. We are committed to providing services, collections, and programs that promote affirmation, respect, inclusion, and understanding.

Diversity and Inclusion Plan, 2017-2020

(Approved by the SU Libraries Department Heads 7/12/2017)

  1. Promote awareness of and expand diversity-related collections
    1. Expand diversity-related collections
      1. 2017-2018: In conjunction with academic faculty and Collection Management staff,
        librarian liaisons assess diversity-related issues/concerns relating to library collections/materials for their liaison departments and develop a plan to expand diversity-related materials for their departments
      2. 2017-2018: Collection Management staff explore options for designating items as “SU Diversity Collection” and making them findable by users
      3. 2017-2018 and ongoing: The Nabb Center, including University Archives and Special Collections, do their best to acquire diversity-related materials appropriate to the respective collections
      4. 2018-2019 and ongoing: Librarian liaisons implement their diversity-related collection plans (those who develop plans earlier in 2017-2018 academic year may begin earlier)
      5. 2018-2019 and ongoing: Dean sets aside some funds for diversity-related collection purchases
    2. Promote diversity through holidays and awareness months
      1. Summer 2017 and ongoing: Create and plan observance calendar for holidays and
        awareness months
      2. 2017-2018: Provide appropriate decorations
      3. 2017-2018 and ongoing: Use social media to promote calendar and collections
      4. 2018-2019 and ongoing: Promote multicultural cookbooks in connection with
    3. Use exhibits to promote awareness of diversity-related collections and encourage donations of additional materials
      1. 2017-2018 and ongoing: Focus at least one exhibit every two years primarily on a diversity-related topic
      2. 2017-2018 and ongoing: Include, whenever appropriate, diversity-related aspects of topics in exhibits
    4. Partner with student organizations and faculty
      1. 2017-2018 and ongoing: Participate in SU Multicultural Festival, using Plinko or
        another game to promote our collections
      2. 2017-2018 and ongoing: Make sure that any relevant library events are included in
        the SU Cultural Laureate series
      3. 2017-2018 and ongoing: Librarian liaisons make sure faculty teaching pertinent
        courses know about any new diversity-related materials relevant to them
      4. 2018-2019 and ongoing: Work with student organizations and faculty to identify
        books or other materials that they recommend from our collections or that we acquire and designate, including in the Leisure Reading Collection, and promote them as "Club Picks"
      5. 2019-2020 and ongoing: Establish a Culture Club (like a book club but not limited to books—can include short stories, poetry, films, music, or other material from our collections), partnering with student groups and faculty to choose selections and collaborating with faculty who are willing to offer extra credit for participation
    5. Establish a speaker series related to our collections and/or diversity in the local community
      1. 2017-2018: Have one speaker in the spring; this could be from a local community organization to speak about the diversity of experiences in the Salisbury community or the broader Delmarva peninsula
      2. 2018-2019: Have one speaker in the fall and one in the spring and assess effectiveness
      3. 2019-2020: If valuable, continue/expand speaker series
  2. Improve support for diverse students, faculty, and staff
    1. Support Accessibility Room use
      1. Summer 2017: Clarify what training the Office of Student Disability Support Services
        (OSDSS) offers to students
      2. Summer 2017: Ask OSDSS to provide training for select library staff in using the
        equipment in the Accessibility Room
      3. Fall 2017: Implement training for other library staff and include training in the
        student worker orientation
    2. Create a structure to support diversity and inclusion
      1. Summer 2017: Write a job description for the Diversity Coordinator.
      2. Establish a standing Diversity and Inclusion Committee, chaired by the Diversity Coordinator, to oversee the implementation of this plan and promote diversity and inclusion at the SU Libraries
      3. Fall 2017: Establish a liaison system with members of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to various campus organizations or units, such as OSDSS, LGBTQ Alliance, Multicultural Student Alliance, Greek Life, Athletics, Office of Institutional Equity
    3. Offer Safe Spaces training
      1. Summer 2017 and ongoing: Invite Safe Spaces to conduct regular trainings in the
        library (classroom or other location) for students
    4. Create a Human Library
      1. 2019-2020: Create a “Human Library” of people from other cultures for lending for
        15 minutes of interaction with borrower
  3. Promote and support diversity and inclusion among SU Libraries staff members
    1. Encourage staff to include diversity initiatives in professional development
      1. 2017-2018: Change travel and professional development policy to provide for the SU
        Libraries to fully pay for webinars or conferences that relate directly to promoting diversity without it counting against employee’s professional development funds (responsibility: dean)
      2. 2017-2018 and continuing: Use newsletter or other means to highlight staff participation in diversity-related professional development (responsibility: dean and Communications Committee)
    2. Hold at least one workshop/webinar/seminar per semester for staff relating to diversity and inclusion issues
      1. 2017-2018 and continuing: Work with the Office of Institutional Equity to identify
        opportunities for library staff to take OIE-sponsored webinars or other training
        (responsibility: diversity coordinator)
      2. 2017-2018 and continuing: Hold at least one workshop per year relating specifically
        to library diversity and inclusion, whether that’s highlighting collections, bringing in a library-related speaker, or other opportunities (responsibility: diversity coordinator and dean)
    3. Incorporate diversity into human resources processes
      1. Summer 2017: Add language, “Demonstrates a strong commitment to diversity
        principles and fosters an inclusive workplace and library services where diversity and
        individual differences are valued,” to job descriptions (responsibility: supervisors)
      2. Summer 2017 and continuing: Encourage individuals to include a goal relating to
        promoting diversity and inclusion in their plans for the upcoming fiscal year (responsibility: supervisors)
      3. Summer 2017 and continuing: Add language to job ads, “Must be committed to contributing to a culturally diverse educational and work environment” (responsibility: dean)
      4. Summer 2017 and continuing: Include an interview question related to diversity (responsibility: search committee chairs)
    4. Provide a diversity orientation for new hires
      1. 2017-2018: Develop an outline for a diversity orientation (responsibility: diversity
      2. 2017-2018 and continuing: Once an outline exists, make sure to provide diversity
        orientation for all new hires (responsibility: supervisors of new hires)
    5. Change SU Libraries Dress Code Policy to be inclusive
      1. 2017-2018: Change dress code to allow culturally-appropriate clothing
        (responsibility: dean)