Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity, inclusion, and equity are priorities for the SU Libraries.

Statement of Diversity & Inclusion

The staff of the Salisbury University Libraries welcomes, supports, and appreciates all SU students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We recognize and celebrate the differences in background, abilities, experiences, characteristics, identity, and thought that make each person unique and that enrich our campus, community, and nation. At the same time, we acknowledge that which unites us: our basic humanity and the search for knowledge that is central to Salisbury University’s mission. We are committed to providing services, collections, and programs that promote affirmation, respect, inclusion, and understanding.

Diversity and Inclusion Plan, 2017-2020

The SU Libraries formed a Diversity & Inclusion Task Force in 2017. The primary goal of the task force was to draft a diversity and inclusion plan. The following plan was approved by the SU Libraries Department Heads and covers the four-year period between 2017 and 2020. After the task force accomplished its goal of creating the statement and plan, the SU Libraries formed a standing committee on Diversity and Inclusion to ensure that the plan is accomplished and updated as needed.

Read the SU Libraries Diversity & Inclusion Plan 

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Members

  • Angeline Prichard (chair), Research & Instruction Librarian and Diversity Coordinator
  • Mou Chakraborty, Director of Public Services
  • Stephen Ford, Coordinator of the CRC and Research & Instruction Librarian
  • Amy Jones, Head of Circulation
  • Creston Long, Director of the Nabb Research Center
  • Leslie McRoberts, Local History Archivist
  • Chris Woodall, Technology Librarian

Additional Resources

If you’re interested in learning more about diversity and inclusion efforts within the library or about the topic more generally, we are currently working on a Diversity & Inclusion Guide. Check back soon to see it!