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Ryan Shifler

Ryan Shifler


  • Virginia Tech, PhD, Mathematics, 2017
  • Virginia Tech, MS, Mathematics, 2013
  • Salisbury University, BS, Mathematics, 2011
  • Hagerstown Community College, Other, Mathematics, 2009

Research Interests

My research interests are in the area of quantum Schubert calculus and algebraic geometry. The field finds its roots in the 19th Century when Hermann Schubert asked questions about counting the number of times geometric phenomena occur. For example, how many lines intersect four given lines in three dimensional space? Schubert Calculus' influence on modern mathematics is demonstrated by being the topic of one of David Hilbert's famous 23 problems. "Quantum" Schubert calculus means we are counting degree d rational curves-in contrast to lines or points-that satisfy certain incidents conditions.