Salisbury University students on campus

Mathematics Major - Statistics Concentration

Mathematics is a powerful tool with many applications in everyday life. Just look around. Some of humanity’s proudest achievements all rely on the use of numbers. The planes flying over your head, the availability of complex medical care and even the computer or smartphone you are using now were only made possible by the work of mathematicians.

Why Choose the Statistics Program at Salisbury University?

The statistics program at SU combines courses in mathematics and both theoretical and applied statistics. This program prepares students for employment in entry-level positions in these fields or for graduate school in statistics.

Careers for Statistics Program Graduates

Our statistics program gives you all the tools to work in a variety of professional settings. Graduate programs such as medicine, law and business value mathematics majors because of their problem-solving skills. What job can a math major do? A sign of brilliance, your mathematics background with SU could prepare you for exciting careers such as:

  • Mathematician
  • Operations research analyst
  • Statistician actuary
  • Data scientist
  • Cryptographer
  • Investment banker
  • Financial analyst
  • Secondary mathematics teacher
  • College professor