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Data Science Major - Chemometrics Track

It’s not just about the numbers. Data science, the study of how to extract meaning from data, is a growing field that can provide students with exciting and rewarding career paths, with opportunities for advanced study in various disciplines. Data scientists can help address the pressing concerns of modern society, including those in health care, sustainability, security, equity and economics – all through data analysis. With our data science program, you won’t just be a cog in a machine, you’ll be a pivotal part of our society’s future.

Why Choose the Chemometrics Program at Salisbury University?

Chemometrics uses mathematical and statistical methods to improve the understanding of chemical information and to correlate quality parameters or physical properties to analytical instrument data.

Careers for Chemometrics Program Graduates

What jobs can the Chemometrics Program get you within the data science major get? Good news: Graduates with a degree in data science are in high demand! Currently, there is a data scientist shortage both globally and locally on the Eastern Shore, and it is estimated that in coming years, there will be more than three million job postings in data science. With a data science degree from SU, you could pursue any of the following lucrative careers:

  • Business intelligence developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Mining Specialist
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Financial Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Statistician