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Entrepreneurship Minor

Entrepreneurship is the art of turning an idea into a business. Entrepreneurs assemble the money, people, business model and strategy to transform an invention or idea into a viable business. At Salisbury University, we recognize a growing trend of students who want to put their passions out into the world in the form of their own business. We’ll help you get there.

Why Choose Entrepreneurship at SU?

SU’s Perdue School is committed to the entrepreneurial spirit. With our entrepreneurship minor, you will receive professional mentorship, learn critical skills and knowledge required for successful entrepreneurship, refine your business ideas, find potential co-founders, build networks and gather support, find funding, and get hands-on practical experiences of creating new businesses. We know that critical business and management skills are not just learned through the abstract. We believe in experiential learning, so you can obtain practical experiences and learn by doing.

 The entrepreneurship minor appeals to students from a variety of disciplines and trains them to have the necessary business knowledge and skills for whatever their interests are. An entrepreneurship minor may help students from the fields of art, science and health to learn important skills to successfully launch their art studios, technology companies and counseling centers.

Each year, SU hosts the Student Entrepreneurship Competition and Shore Hatchery Competition, where many students as well as entrepreneurs from the community participate and win prestigious awards. These important activities have already made a significant impact. As of 2019, the competitions have awarded over 1.5 million for nearly 200 entrepreneurs, including some 130 student teams, and have generated over 200 jobs.

We won’t just teach you how to start your own business. We’ll give you the opportunity to take the next step.

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