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American Studies Minor

The American studies minor combines the arts, humanities and social sciences to provide students with a liberal arts education focused on American history, culture, society and institutions and the nation’s role in a globalizing world. Courses range from history and literature to political science and the arts. Through these disciplines, students build the skills necessary for employment in a knowledge-based economy.

Why Choose American Studies at SU?

This minor is administered jointly by the History and English departments. The minor consists of five courses. Only one course may be used to satisfy general education requirements and at least three courses must be completed at SU. All courses applied toward the minor must be completed with grades of C or better.

  1. Complete the following core:
  • HIST 412 Social and Cultural History of the United States I (1600-1875)
  • HIST 413 Social and Cultural History of the United States II (1876-present)
  • HIST 375 Topics in American Studies (also cross listed as ENGL 300 – Studies in English)
  1. Select two courses from the following:
  • ENGL 480 Colonial American Literature
  • ENGL 481 The American Renaissance
  • ENGL 484 American Novel I: Beginnings to 1900
  • ENGL 485 American Novel II: 1900-1945
  • ENGL 486 American Novel III: 1945 to Present

SU also offers an American studies track as part of its interdisciplinary studies major.

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