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Frederick Community College Transfer Program

At Salisbury University, we make it easy for community college students to find the right fit to continue their studies. Frederick Community College and Salisbury University are committed to helping students obtain a baccalaureate degree to advance their careers and earning potential. There are several options for transfer to SU, so you can find the perfect fit to continue your education, whether you are studying psychology or social work. However, rest assured that if you are not in a cooperating program, SU will work with you to help you meet your goals.

Why Choose SU?

With its award-winning academic facilities, support services designed to help you achieve and high-quality programs taught by leaders in their discipline, SU offers everything you need to reach your academic and career goals. We pride ourselves on being A Maryland University of National Distinction, and some of our programs are among the top-rated in the country.

More than that, we believe the community our campus offers is invaluable to your learning experience. If you’re looking for an institution to continue your studies, look no further than just over the bridge at SU. Our students often say that they feel connected to their peers, professors, and faculty and staff at SU. Whether it’s for classwork or career guidance, students know they can go to their professors and mentors. They connect with their peers to grow, both in the classroom and as people. At SU, we don’t just want you to find the perfect fit to transfer your credits; we want you to find your home.

If you’re nervous about finding the right undergraduate program, SU offers many support services to help you on the path to your degree. The agreement with FCC provides a plan for students to continue their higher education.

Our Programs

SU offers several programs in cooperation with FCC.

Psychology major at research conference
Make sure you are on track to transfer to SU by learning more about FCC’s transfer program.