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Time to Get Psyched

Psychology Major

Get psyched about your studies at Salisbury University. Psychology is the scientific study of the principles governing behavior and mental processes in humans and other animals and the application of these principles for the well-being of both. With the guidance of our faculty members, you’ll apply scientific methods to truly comprehend how and why others think and act. In our program, you’ll develop the most valuable and practical skill of all for the study of psychology: your critical thinking.

Why Choose a Psychology Major at Salisbury University?

SU’s psychology program provides you with a high-quality education in the methods, theories, research and applications of psychology. Its broad curriculum encompasses four areas:

  • Brain sciences
  • Clinical psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Social psychology

With such a diverse program, you’ll have a foundation for any type of job in the psychology field.

You’ll get hands-on experience at SU, with opportunities to learn in our various faculty-mentored courses. In the Psychology Practicum, you’ll gain valuable training experience in a range of clinical settings. In Individual Study or Research in Psychology courses, you’ll meet regularly with faculty members regarding independent projects or assist them in designing and performing scientific research.

Meet Marcus-Psychology Major

Meet Marcus – Psychology Major

Discover the exciting and diverse topics Marcus and his peers cover in their psychology courses.

Careers for Psychology Majors

A major in psychology can open the door to a number of careers, and our students can tailor their education to focus on areas that appeal to their diverse interests. What can you do with a psychology major? Students who have graduated with a psychology degree from SU have gone on to careers such as:

  • Case Worker
  • Employment Counselor
  • Personnel Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • Psychologist
  • Residential Youth Counselor
  • Social Services Director
  • Staff Training and Development Specialist

Psychology Major Faculty with Real-World Experience

Our faculty engages in teaching, research and service, all of which enhance the University, the community and the discipline of psychology.

Meet Your Psychology Faculty:
Yuki Okubo

Yuki Okubo Headshot

Dr. Yuki Okubo teaches courses in clinical and counseling psychology, as well as diversity and social justice issues. In her Racism and Coping lab at SU, she invites students to participate in her research on how people engage in race dialogues and how people of color cope with racial discrimination. She has received the Fulton Faculty Research Mentor Award in recognition of the impact she has had on her students, many of whom maintain a relationship with her after graduation as they look into graduate school and potential careers.

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