Resident Director Reflections

Portrait of Emily Maggio

Emily Maggio

I first chose to come to Salisbury University because of the Post- Secondary Education program. As someone who wants to work in higher education, this was the perfect program because it prepares you to work with college-aged students. The Resident Director position has complimented my education because I am able to relate what happens in my everyday life as a RD to what I am learning in my classes. I love being a Resident Director at Salisbury University because of the community within the residence halls that I see being developed across campus. I have also created amazing relationships with the other building directors, which is a part of what makes my experience here at SU that much more enjoyable. Residence Life at SU has helped me grow personally and professionally, which makes it easy for me to say that coming to SU and being a RD one of the best decisions you can make!


Portrait of Diamond Bowman

Diamond Bowman

As a Salisbury University graduate myself, I found that my journey had only just begun when I became a Resident Director. There was a new side to Salisbury that I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of as an RD. I was welcomed with open arms and trusted to use my skills to enrich the community more than it already was. I am one of the few RD’s who is also pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration rather than CADR or Higher Education. I feel just as valued and even more supported by my supervisors and coworkers who work with me to ensure my success. The Residence Life staff is truly a family that I would not trade for the world, as we are dedicated to the positive experience of students and each other. If this is what you look for in a team, Salisbury University is a great match for you.


Portrait of Park Chin

Park Chin

I knew I wanted to be a Resident Director as soon as I set foot on campus. The atmosphere of the campus was friendly, inviting, and it seemed like the perfect fit. I was also drawn to the Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution master’s program at SU. A lot of schools offer programs in Higher Ed. Administration, but I felt this program had a wider appeal and could be applied to many fields. I also felt drawn to SU because of how welcoming the department was to me. It could have been intimidating to be interviewed by all of the staff, but everyone seemed genuinely interested in making me feel welcome. Overall my experience has been positive and I feel even more welcome now than I did then. Everyone works hard to help you get acclimated and start off on the right foot. I can say for sure that this position here at SU was right for me and I can’t wait to help welcome new members to our team.