Salisbury University students on campus

Resident Assistant Job Description

The Resident Assistant (RA) is an undergraduate student under the supervision of an Area Director/Resident Director (AD/RD), who aids with the comprehensive student life program in the residence hall or apartment complex and has specific responsibilities for working with students on a particular floor/area.

The RA is generally responsible for assisting students individually and in groups. In working with a floor/area, the RA is the primary facilitator of student development within that community. It is important to note that because of the dynamic nature of the position, the department may need you to fulfill additional responsibilities at different points throughout the semester (extra duty coverage, staff support for University/community events, etc.).

Individual Student Contact

  1. Know names and pertinent information about the residents; maintain contact with the residents.
  2. Maintain a high profile in the hall and floor; be approachable and receptive.
  3. Promote an awareness of cultural diversity and an inclusive environment among residents in the hall.
  4. Encourage involvement of residents in activities.
  5. Confront and document inappropriate behavior which violates the Student Code of Community Standards and Housing and Residence Life Contract and Information Book.
  6. Mediate conflicts between residents.
  7. Observe and respond to student behavior which may be indicative of personal, social, or academic problems.
  8. Encourage students to seek additional help from campus resources.

Student Group Activities

  1. Plan and conduct effective community development programs (i.e. social, educational, recreational, and diversity).
  2. Involve residents in program planning.
  3. Support floor and hall student leaders; assist in the recruitment and development of student leaders.
  4. Communicate regularly with residents through bulletin boards, floor meetings, and informal contact.
  5. Assist residents in establishing floor expectations and in accepting responsibility for floor/individual issues.
  6. Assist students in maintaining community norms.

Related Duties

  1. Assist with Management Functions in the Hall.
  2. Complete room condition reports for all assigned rooms.
  3. Investigate and report room and common area damages.
  4. Know and communicate the room change procedures.
  5. Know and communicate the living options available in halls and on campus.
  6. Inform supervisor of student/floor concerns regarding facilities and housing procedures.


You are expected to complete the programming requirements set forth by the department.  Your activities should reflect and be guided by an active assessment of the needs of your floor.  During the first months of the Fall and Spring semesters, there will be a specialized community development project that may require weekly activities for your floors.


  1. Attend all hall and building staff meetings, in-services, and one-to-ones as scheduled.
  2. Participate in RA Selection and RD Selection as directed by the department.
  3. RAs are required to be in at least one committee for the department.
  4. Professional development opportunities are available for staff such as participating in the planning and implementation of fall and winter training sessions.

Terms of Employment

  1. Your RA contract is for one academic year (August-May), and your pay is roughly equivalent to room and board in the residence hall to which you have been assigned.
  2. You are required to pass the Resident Assistant class offered for first time RAs in the Spring semester.
  3. RAs are expected to return to campus in Mid-August for fall staff training and a few days prior to the start of the spring semester for spring staff training.
  4. Some weekend activities are required.  A detailed calendar will be provided for you upon start of the position.
  5. There may be restrictions for accepting leadership roles outside of Residence Life.  The Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life will determine your participation in outside activities.
  6. The RA contract is renewable upon the successful completion of the rehire process for returning staff.
  7. Sea Gull Square RAs: Your contract is from August through July (typically the duration of your Sea Gull Square Housing Contract).

Academic Policies

  1. All RAs must be a full-time student and maintain a 2.5 GPA at all times (fall, spring & cumulative).  If a deficient semester occurs, job probation will result.  Should a subsequent deficient semester occur, your contract will not be renewed.  If the cumulative average falls below the 2.5 requirement, the current contract may be terminated.
  2. Should you earn a semester GPA below a 2.3, your current contract may be terminated immediately.
  3. No evening courses are permitted on Tuesdays unless approved by the Assistant Director for Residence Life. Only one 3-credit evening class or the equivalent is permitted with the approval of your AD.
  4. Courses should not conflict with times identified for staff training, in-services, duty, or other areas of employment.


  1. You will be evaluated by your AD/RD once a semester. The formal evaluation at the end of the term will utilize the RA evaluation form, at which time a rehire decision is discussed for the next year.