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Syllabus Statement

Please use the following syllabus statement regarding accommodations and access at Salisbury University:

Disability Resource Center: Access and Accommodations

The following statement is include in the SU Course-related policies and resources page which is included as a link in all MyClasses courses. A recommended syllabus statement is provided by ID&D to direct students to this central resource. Below is the entire statement if you prefer to add it directly to your syllabus.

“If you have already been approved for reasonable accommodations through the Disability Resource Center (DRC), please complete the following next steps as soon as possible: (1) send your DRC Accommodations Letter(s) through the AIM portal, and (2) initiate a conversation and/or meet with your faculty members to discuss the implementation of your approved accommodations in each of your courses.

If you have not yet established accommodations with the DRC, but have or think you may have a disability/condition that requires accommodations (conditions include but are not limited to: mental health, attention-related, learning, vision, hearing, physical, or chronic health). Students with disabilities can request reasonable accommodations, auxiliary aids and services, and/or modifications to University policies, through the DRC by following the DRC's procedures for Requesting Academic Accommodations. For questions or more information, please refer to the Disability Resource Center website or contact the DRC at (410) 543-6087 or The DRC is located on the 2nd floor of the Guerrieri Student Union (GSU), Room 229.”