Salisbury University students on campus

Sick Meals

Individuals not in quarantine or isolation but are unable to come to the dining hall due to injury or other non-infectious virus or illness should provide written authorization with their contact info to a “Food Buddy” who can come to the dining hall with their Gull Card and get a carry out meal on their behalf.

Students diagnosed with any infectious virus or illness that have been placed in isolation should not come to the dining hall until they are cleared to do so by Student Health Services. These students should use the form below which will only be valid for those placed in isolation locations on campus. Students in isolation must request all meals for a given day by 3:30 p.m. on the day prior. Students just moving into isolation will be able to request meals for the same day provided their request is submitted 2 hours prior to the delivery time of that meal, otherwise they will have to request the next available meal time. Please fill this form out for all meals required on the next day. Orders received after the designated cut off time will not be filled. Students should indicate if it is their first meal request since being in isolation. Students need to submit the form each day for the next day’s meals. Students should use the resources posted on the Student Health Services Web site