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About Meal Plans


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have a meal plan?
You will save money - Meal plan holders pay less per meal than the regular cash customer. The larger the meal plan commitment the less you pay per meal.

You will save time - We do the shopping, cooking AND the dishes.

You don’t need cash - With a meal plan all you need is your ID Card (Gull Card)--no need to carry cash.

You can bring friends & family - Guest meal passes are included in every meal plan, so treat your friends or family to lunch or dinner.

You have choices - With Dining Dollars, you may eat at any of our on-campus dining facilities.

How do I know which meal plan is right for me?
All students living in traditional housing on campus are assigned the All-Access Plan. First-year students living in Chesapeake Hall and Sea Gull Square can select from All Access, the 125 or 75 Block plans.

What is served at the Dining Hall?
Featuring heart healthy, comfort food and market trending creations, the Common’s Dining Hall is the best place to satisfy your culinary cravings. In addition to the vast variety of menu options you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy over a dozen Festival of Food events showcasing local, national and international menus. Check out the UDS website for daily menus.

What are Dining Dollars?
Dining Dollars are a separate account that is housed on your Gull Card along with your meal plan. These dollars can be used for purchases made at any on-campus dining facility and expire at the end of each Spring semester. When you spend Dining Dollars, the purchase is not subject to state tax…it’s like saving 6%. You may check your balance on-line anytime. Your balance will also appear at the bottom of each sales receipt after you make a purchase.

All meal plans come with a set amount of dining dollars. Additional Dining Dollars can be purchased any time during the semester as well.

What is the difference between Dining Dollars and Gull Card money?

Dining Dollars are exclusive to meal plans, and you may purchase additional Dining Dollars throughout the fall or spring semester. Dining Dollars are only accepted at on-campus dining facilities and expire at the end of the Spring semester (leftover Dining Dollars will rollover one time from the fall to the spring so long as a new meal plan is purchased). Dining Dollars CANNOT be purchased without an existing meal plan.

Gull Card money is accepted at various on AND off-campus locations that will display a Gull Card sign in the window, and other venues around campus-- Bookstore, vending machines, the library and more. For a full list go to the Gull Card page on the University webpage.

An active meal plan is required to purchase Dining Dollars. No meal plan is required to add Gull Card Money.

Can I use Dining Dollars off-campus?
No--they are only accepted at on-campus dining facilities: the Commons - Marketplace and Bistro, Starbucks® at Cool Beans, Chesapeake Coffee Roasters®, Hungry Minds Express, Sea Gull Stadium Concessions, Chick-fil-A®, and our Express Locations--Shore Café at Henson, Perdue Café & Conway Café.

How do I add Dining Dollars to my meal plan or purchase additional Dining Dollars?
Meal plan holders can purchase additional Dining Dollars.

Where do I sign up for a meal plan?
To Add/Change a Meal Plan, sign into GullNet and go to Main Menus>Self Service>Campus Finances>Add/Change Meal Plan>Follow the prompts and save.

To Pay for the Meal Plan, via electronic check or credit card, with a convenience fee, log onto the students GullNet account and follow GullNet>Main Menu>Self Service>Campus Finances>Make a Payment>Choose payment type and Gullnet tuition and fees. Or visit the cashier's office in Holloway Hall Room 219, forms of payment are cash, check or money order.  If you need assistance, call the Cashier's Office at 410-543-6060.  Payments for meal plans are due by the current billing date.

Can I change my meal plan once the semester has started?
Yes. Check out Salisbury University's Meal Plan Changes & Refunds page!

What happens if I have Dining Dollars left over at the end of the semester?
Unused Dining Dollars roll over from the Fall semester to the Spring semester as long as the student is enrolled in a meal plan for the Spring semester. At the end of the Spring semester unused Dining Dollars will expire.

What happens if I’m sick?
If you are unable to make it to the Commons due to illness or injury, you may arrange to receive a boxed meal from Dining Services. Sick students should contact Student Health Services at 410-543-6262 to receive a therapeutic diet recommendation. Your RA can call Dining Services at 410-548-5598 to arrange for a meal to be provided for you.

If you are sick with the flu, we are able to provide you with a sick meal. Follow this link for more information on sick meals.

Where can I find the daily menu?
Check out the UDS menu page on the web for daily menus or connect on social media. You will find daily specials, upcoming events and latest updates posted there too.

A Few Guidelines

To help you enjoy your meal plan and for us to run a smooth and efficient operation, we ask that you please follow these guidelines when using the University dining facilities: