Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC)

The role of Salisbury University’s Inter-Fraternity Council is to be an intermediate, neutral party for any fraternal activities or issues. As a council, IFC represents the men of each chapter here on the campus of Salisbury University while holding each one of those men and their chapters to a certain set of standards that ensures each fulfill their individual and group potential. We promote values of citizenship, leadership, brotherhood, and scholarship all while helping to regulate inter-fraternity relations. Through these high standards held by the IFC, it is our goal that Fraternity & Sorority Life here at SU remains in the positive eye of the individual members, chapters, the university, as well as the city of Salisbury for years to come.

The Salisbury University IFC governs the following chapters:

  1. Alpha Sigma Phi
  2. Kappa Sigma
  3. Pi Lambda Phi
  4. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  5. Sigma Phi Epsilon
  6. Sigma Tau Gamma