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Strategic Innovation Fund


Salisbury University students, faculty and staff are invited to submit proposals for seed money from the Strategic Innovation Fund. This is for innovative projects that make an impact and advance the Salisbury University Strategic Plan and Salisbury Seven initiatives.

Strategic Innovation Funds may be used for a wide variety of projects, including developing new interdisciplinary research clusters, building community and industry partnerships, supporting undergraduate and graduate student recruitment and retention, funding ideas that will help SU operate more effectively or efficiently, or other potentially high-impact ideas that require seed funds to test concepts or build momentum.

Innovation can include adaptation of existing strategies to support Salisbury University in creative ways as well as the development of new ideas. Projects that are interdisciplinary and have the potential for community partnership or impact are encouraged.

Please send questions about the fund to 


The Strategic Innovation Council will use a rubric to evaluate all proposals. In addition, the following are generally expected funding guidelines for the Strategic Innovation Fund:

  • Advance one or more of the themes in the SU Strategic Plan or Salisbury Seven. Clearly identify which theme your project will advance.
  • Describe how your project will enhance undergraduate and graduate student recruitment and retention. 
  • Demonstrate innovation in your project. As well as developing new ideas, innovation can include adapting existing strategies to support SU.
  • Write for a general audience. Clearly define the problem or opportunity being addressed and the strategy used.
  • Have the potential to become financially sustainable if the project is expected to continue beyond the funding period.
  • Proposals must be approved by your department chair or senior leadership within your department/office.
  • Funds cannot be used for salaries or new positions.
  • Proposals that are focused on enhancing existing initiatives must thoroughly prove how the additional funds will increase the effectiveness of that project.
  • Demonstrate the impact of the project on SU and the broader community, as appropriate.
  • Include how we will evaluate success through metrics, measurables and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Important Notes

  • Proposals must meet all of the criteria above in order to be considered.
  • Special considerations will be made for proposals that have time-sensitive funding or execution deadlines.

Additional Considerations

The following are not required but should be considered when possible in your proposal:

  • Explain how your project will support diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts. 
  • Give consideration to how your project will demonstrate opportunities for internal and external partnerships.
  • Represent a cross-campus collaborative effort, as appropriate to the project.
  • List matching funds if available.

Faculty research ideas that could normally be supported by other mechanisms will typically not be competitive for funding through the Strategic Innovation Fund. Academic program development may be eligible, but there may be a more appropriate source for some of these ideas. Students looking to launch entrepreneurial ventures should also explore existing resources for funding and support. Proposals should not include supplemental undergraduate financial aid.