Salisbury University students on campus

Salisbury Seven

As highlighted in President Carolyn Ringer Lepre’s State of the University Address in February 2023, the Salisbury Seven is a bold new vision in alignment with SU’s mission statement and core institutional values. These seven pledges will direct our strategic growth over the next five years, becoming the foundation for SU’s 2025-2030 strategic plan.

  1. We will invest in the people who deliver on the promises we make to our students.
  2. We will consistently deliver a rigorous, student-focused academic program taught by world-class educators on a world-class campus.
  3. We will have a continual commitment to inclusion, diversity, opportunity and equity, and the cultivation of a sense of belonging.
  4. We will strategically grow to serve the needs of the Eastern Shore, the State of Maryland and the nation while holding fast to our identity as a student-focused institution that doesn’t just say it cares about its people; it shows it with every decision.
  5. We will be known for our innovative, high-impact practices and our belief that we are educating the whole person for a lifetime of civic leadership and community service.
  6. We will raise the resources needed to support SU’s programs, its students and its culture.
  7. We will strengthen our institutional identity and reputation.

These seven, key areas were created with the participation of our whole campus community and are the defining focus of Salisbury University’s vision as we enter our next century.

The overall theme behind the Salisbury Seven is moving forward with excellence.

This is our core vision: We will move forward with the purpose of transforming lives through academic excellence, life-changing high-impact practices, inclusion and belonging.