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Salisbury University Ombuds Services

Salisbury University provides Ombuds services for faculty, staff, and undergraduate and graduate students.

An Ombuds officer, Ombudsman or simply "Ombuds" is a person who can be consulted by members of the University community who want to get information about University policies relating to their activities or who encounter problems that they cannot resolve through ordinary channels (i.e., student to teacher, staff to supervisor, faculty member to department chair.)* An Ombuds listens to complaints and helps, if possible, to resolve them. Sometimes the Ombuds simply provides information and counseling, or helps complainants develop strategies for dealing with their problems on their own. At other times, when authorized by the complainant, the Ombuds contacts other involved parties and attempts to work out mutually satisfactory solutions.

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(Content for this page was excerpted and adapted from the University of Maryland College Park Ombuds Services page.)