Salisbury University students on campus


Equipment Movement/Relocation

The University uses an outside contractor for movement support of personnel and/or material on campus.  It is imperative that a properly completed Work Order is received by Support Services no later that fourteen (14) days prior to the date/time of the requested task to be accomplished.  Work will not be scheduled until all information is provided and the Work Order is received by Support Services.

Please refer to the Support Services Movement Procedures published by Support Services for detailed instructions on filling out the work order, and other pertinent information related to movement services.

If the equipment is technology related, forward requests to the Information Technology department via work order or an  IT service request.  IT service request forms are available from the IT department by calling extension 36112.

Submitting work orders to IT and Support Services separately will expedite the removal of the equipment.

Equipment Loans

Members of the campus community may occasionally borrow University property to use in their studies.  For example, students taking music classes may borrow an instrument for the semester, or a professor may borrow a laptop from the department to use while on sabbatical.  Equipment loan forms are used to record the equipment loan.

The loan form records basic information about the items being loaned, such as the name of the borrower and the University inventory tag number of the item being borrowed.  The 6 part form provides 2 copies each for the department, the borrower, and Inventory Control.  The first set of copies is distributed when the item is loaned, and the second set when the item is returned.

Loan forms can be requested via email or telephone.  Include your department name, a contact name, and the number of forms you need.  A sample loan form can be viewed via the link below.

Sample Loan Form (PDF)

Equipment Disposals

When an item is no longer needed by a department, it can be removed from the department, and therefore, the department's inventory.  Depending on the type of equipment, either Support Services or Information Technology will remove the items from the department.  Once an item is removed, it is either kept for future use, donated to another State or non-profit agency, recycled, or discarded.

Because of the various guidelines to which the University must adhere, only Support Services and Information Technology are authorized to donate or dispose of equipment.

Please follow the relocation/movement procedures to have items removed from the department.  Support Services and/or Information Technology will evaluate the condition of the equipment, make a surplus, recycling or disposal determination, and facilitate the disposition of the equipment.