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3 Year Inventory Review

The Purpose

Inventory Control performs periodic inventory reviews on all University departments.  We follow a 3 year review schedule, thereby visiting all University departments by the end of the 3 year cycle.

The Process

Preferably, 3 year equipment reviews are conducted using a scanner.  Once an initial scan is complete, an exception report is generated.  Additional scanning is done, if needed, to resolve outstanding items.  Follow up is performed to document any equipment that cannot be located.

Depending on the size and scope of a department's inventory, the audit may be performed with the department, in lieu of also submitting an manual inventory verification.  All items assigned to the department must be scanned or they will need to be verified by a representative of the Inventory Office.  Any loaned items, regardless of whether or not a loan form is on file, must also be scanned, or verified by Inventory Control.