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Signing Authority Policy

Signing authority is the authority assigned to SU employees to allow them to approve expenses charged to their departments and projects (i.e., grants, fellowships). Budget Administrators (BAs) by default have signing authority for their respective departments and projects. This allows BAs to approve SU requisitions, work orders, expense accounts and any other documents that result in expenses being incurred.

BAs can delegate signing authority to Exempt employees at the BA’s discretion. BAs do not have to submit forms to delegate signing authority to their supervisors. It is assumed that supervisors have signing authority for departments and projects in their line of authority.

Exceptions to Non-Exempt signing authority limits can be requested by the BA to the AVP of Administration and Finance (Lynn Adkins).

Signing authority is managed by the Accounting Office using a Signing Authority form that requires the BA and any designees to sign.  The BA must indicate the prescribed signing authority amount (subject to the limits of the Non-Exempt grade and position) based on the above. Completed forms should be mailed or emailed:

Debbie Kinnamon
General Accounting
HH 217

Any signing authority delegations may be disapproved by the AVP of Administration and Finance.