Sick Meals

In case of illness, students who are not able to make it to the Commons Dining Hall may request a sick meal.

Students diagnosed with or are suspected of having influenza should not come to the dining hall and should avoid contact with others until at least 24 hours after their fever resolves without the use of fever-reducing medications (such as Tylenol or Advil). Students should use the resources posted on the Student Health Services Web site to find information about symptoms and what to do to prevent contracting the virus.

In cases where it is advisable that you not come to the dining hall, you should designate a Flu Buddy. A Flu Buddy is someone who does not show flu-like symptoms and can pick up food for you. You may authorize your Flu Buddy to pick up a sick meal at the Commons Dining Hall during normal operating hours. Simply download the Dining Authorization Form (Sick Meal Form) and fill it out and sign it. Your Flu Buddy will present this to the cashier at the Commons Dining Hall authorizing the charge to your account for your sick meal (one meal deducted from your meal plan).

For flu-like symptoms it is recommended that you eat a bland diet and your sick meal will contain the best items to help you heal.