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Instructional Design & Delivery's Faculty Studio, located in the Academic Commons room 221, is an area for faculty and staff to come and utilize software and equipment typically not available in their offices. The studio is available during the normal operational hours.

Recording Rooms

Two recording rooms are nestled within the faculty development studio: AC 221A and AC 221B.

AC 221A is most commonly used to record lectures using the Lightboard, a tool that allows faculty to write on glass, similar to a chalkboard or a whiteboard. However, the glass surface allows faculty to record themselves writing while facing students (the camera), instead of recording their back as they face and write on a whiteboard. Visit the Lightboard page to learn more about the tool, as well as learn how you can enroll in Lightboard professional development.

AC 221B is a recording room that offers a table and chairs that allow faculty to sit and record talking-head videos (such as welcome videos), narrated PowerPoints and lectures, annotate PowerPoints using a Wacom writing tablet, or other instructional videos as needed.

If you would like to schedule yourself into one of these recording rooms, please watch this video about Reserving Recording Rooms, or contact ID&D to set up an appointment with an Instructional Designer.

Studio Equipment 

  • Large format printer (poster printing) using 36" and 42" bond or glossy paper rolls
  • Video editing and conversion workstation

Specialized Software

In addition to the standard software available on all SU computers (i.e. Microsoft Office Suite), ID&D offers the use of:

  • Camtasia - video creation including screen recording, audio, video, and interactive content
  • ID&D supported Instructional Software